Spring 2018 Tour Dates

  • March 5-9: Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, Boston, USA.
  • April 10-17: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS, Beijing, China.
  • April 18-20: AsiaEvo 2018, Shenzhen, China.
  • May 8-17: EMBO Computational Molecular Evolution Course, Heraklion, Greece.
  • May 26-31: Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou, China.

Winter 2019 Tour Dates

  • January 5-12: College of Ecology and Evolution, Sun Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, China.
  • February 6-8: IBEST Seminar Speaker, University of Idaho, Moscow, USA.

Spring 2019 Tour Dates

  • May 13-24: Computational Molecular Evolution Course, Welcome Trust Centre, Hinxton, UK.
  • June 1-8: Workshop on Computational Molecular Evolution, Duke University Kunshan Campus, Kunshan, China.
  • June 9-13: Symposium and Workshop on Statistical Inference in Phylogenomics, AMSS and Jiatong University, Beijing, China.